Seagoat is the first person you meet on Capricorn Island.

Quests GivenEdit

Live to FightEdit

Go catch Scenewolf at The Slippery Slope. Maybe then your team won't be quite as embarrassing. Rewards: Star Seeds x 2

Fight to LiveEdit

defeat seagoat at rumbling junction.

Seagoat: OriginsEdit

The big fight's going down right here, right now, at the Bay of Goats. Rewards: Starseeds x 2

Master of CapricornEdit

Get thirty stars here on Capricorn, and you'll be a Master in my eyes. Rewards: Starseeds x3


Welcome, rebel tamer. One of Otho's messengers told me I should expect you. You'll forgive me if I haven't prepared any hors d'oeuvres. Things are kind of rough on Capricorn Island. Not a lot of cheese plates here. Plus, I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU! HUH HUH HUH! But before I do, how about you build up your team a little? It's kinda pathetic, and I like a good fight.