Real Rick is a character that Broomstar believes has the power to tame mogas. Rick accompanies you along your journey to plunder Otho and try to join his army.

Real Rick


Master of Aries​Edit

Earn 27 stars on Aries Island by winning at each node with only perfect strikes to unlock an exclusive Moga. Reward: Star Seed x 3

A Real Test:Edit

Capture a Devgorilla at the Outer Horn to earn my approval. Rewards: Star Seed x 1

How Rick Got RealEdit

You prove YOU'RE real, I'll tell you how I GOT real. Go over to Taurus island and capture the Woolf that's hanging around the Bull's Lighthouse. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Natural SplendorEdit

Investigate the Antient Cherry Tree for loose star seeds. Rewards: Star Seed x 1

Undiscovered CountryEdit

Can you help me and do some recon at the Lonely Floater. Reward : Star Seed x 1

Capture SpartacusEdit

As a reward for mastering Aries Island, you can now capture Spartacus at Fiery Pines. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 1

Stay SharpEdit

Capture a Rothbart at Pirate's Cay. Rewards : Star Seed x 3

Boss Fight: Virgo IslandEdit

You should push ahead to Darkwater Pagoda. Could be some mean Mogas so keep your head up. Rewards: Star Seed x 3

Capture ZomwolfEdit

The Zomwolf is about a gnarly as wolves get. You can find one at pixie falls. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 2

Capture ZeitEdit

Get Zeit at Palpetine Pines--this epic Moga will rock Otho's army. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 2

Kill PeafyxEdit

Help me bush up these slanderous Peafyxes by taking out two of them at Indobush Highlands. Rewards: Star Seed x 3


Wanna know the best way to mess with Otho? Prove you're the master of each island.You see, Otho doesn't really love Mogas the way you and I do--and they know it. Certain types have just disappeared rather than fight for him. If you can earn all twenty-seven stars on Aries, a Moga you've never seen will reveal itself to you, and you'll have the title of Master of Aries.

So it's true huh? I heard a rumor about some farm kid with the power to tame Mogas.You were born as a peasant, that's what. So was I. We're not suppodes to be tamers--only Otho's royal friends are.Tell you what: if you can catch a Devgorilla at the Outer Horn I'll know you have the right stuff.

Ever feel you don't have enough time?