Probus is a character that you meet in King Otho's Outpost.

Quests GivenEdit

Probus's ChallengeEdit

style="margin-left: 40px; ">Wait--what's happening? Your Mogas dare attack me inside King Otho's Outpost! Eek! Get 'em off me! Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Free PoliEdit

I'm waiting for you at the Black Tower. Waiting to kick your butt! Rewards : Star Seed x 1

Mogas: Wyrm -Leo, Forevalone-Aries, Sauridon-Gemini

Probus's ChallengeEdit

Defeat me at Hidden Reefbreak or admit that your actions lack moral standing. Rewards: Star Seed x 1

A Hairy SituationEdit

At Covington Bluffs you'll find a Moga named Anee that can be juiced to satisfy my needs. Please slay three of these creatures to make my hair gel. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Boss Fight: Leo IslandEdit

Ready to face me and my muscles? Then come get it at Blackbone Castle. Rewards: Star Seed x 3


  • Halt, peasant. You know the drill: drop your Starseeds on the ground and scram
  • HRORORO! That's a good one. Not as funny a good puppet show, but laughable nonetheless!
  • WHAT?! You--a tamer! But you're just a peasant! No matter--the law is clear about this. Only dudes LIKE ME are allowed tame Mogas.
  • You'll have to surrender your Mogas immediately.
  • Guh, what?!?! YOU...beat...ME!
  • Are you serious? You just attacked one of King Otho's most handsome soldiers.
  • You're not going to join the army--you're poing to grison!
  • Arg, stupid hard to say words! I mean GOING to PRISON!
  • I know we are mortal emines, but please, don't be a monster.