Area Energy Description
Koi Headland 15 The Headland is just the tip of what Pisces has to offer.
Glittering Scales 15 Leaves, petals and fish scales weave together in a tapestry of fishy glory.
Fin Spin 15 A sign reads: Don't feed the fish.
Lotus Underpass 15 Once you get a little distance from the island you realize how crazy it is that you're walking on a humongous fish.
Petalocalypse 15 Bundles of pollen roll by like tumbleweed. Let's hope you're not allergic!
Wishfish 15 Wishfish is the best place to get sushi in all the Zodiac Islands, and has some very nice Mogas as well.
Fishhead Crest 15 On a clear day, you can look out from Fishhead Crest and see all the way to the Mainland.
Brilliant Heart 15 A sudden warm feeling makes you think you peed your pants, but it's just the gentle heat of Brilliant Heart.
Spinecrest Crossing 15 The Crossing doesn't look very safe, but it's the only way forward.
Flutter Tail Launch 30 The fronds of the fish's tail bounce up and down like a very dangerous trampoline.


Catchable MogasEdit

Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Koi Headland Jag --- ---
Glittering Scales Trolo --- ---
Fin Spin Dumboocto --- ---
Lotus Underpass Mimpi --- ---
Petalocalypse Jag Pausto ---
Wishfish Trolo Fishleg Chimeryx*
Fishhead Crest Loko --- ---
Brilliant Heart Aquus* Trolo Mimpi
Spinecrest Crossing Jag Mimpi ---
Flutter Tail Launch Dumboocto Pausto Hakka


Title Rewards Area Type Client
A Woman's Touch Starseed x2 Glittering Scales Tamer Battle Lucille
Lotus Bonus Starseed x2 Lotus Underpass Moga Battle Lucille
Gift of Pisces Starseed x2 Brilliant Heart Capture Lucille
Get Crazy Starseed x2 Fin Spin Repetitive Battle Lucille
Master of Pisces Starseed x3 --- Mastery Lucille
Flowers for a Lady Blue Coffee x2 Fishhead Crest Moga Battle Lucille
The Way to Ophiuchus Starseed x2 Spinecrest Crossing Moga Battle Lucille
Boss Fight: Pisces Starseed x3 Flutter Tail Launch Tamer Battle Nora
Capture Chimeryx Starseed x2 Wishfish Capture Lucille