Ophiuchus, also known as King Otho's Lair, is the final island in your quest to bring peace to the zodiac and free its islands from Otho's rule. Each area consumes twice as much energy as on any other island and its last area will cost you 55 energy instead of 30. All that hard work may pay off in the end, though, for Ophiuchus contains two legendary Mogas (Horus and Drakos). 


Area Energy  Description
Toothsome Rim 30 Most of the dragon's teeth on Ophiuchus are decorative, but others have important architectural purposes.
The First Watch 30 The air clears slightly of the sulfurous sea's smell as you ascend to the second tier of Otho's castle.
Grip of Doom 30 Metallic clangs echo across the ramparts and shadowy figures shuffle the past. What's he building in there?
Treacherous Walkway 30 There's no cover to hide as you walk across this open passage. Otho can surely see you from his tower.
Namless Menace 30 This place just makes you feel terrible.
Sinister Hood 30 A momentary break in Ophiuchus' gloomy atmosphere would be nice, but Sinister Hood is extra gloomy.
Lodge of the Fang 30 The Lodge of the Fang is strictly members only, but you don't want to be a member.
Shadow Bulwark 30 Take a deep breath: it's all uphill from here.
Basalt Atrium 30 The lower level of Otho's tower is just unbelievably messy. It's like a naughty child lives here.
The Throne Room 55 The brimstone fires of Ophiuchus surround Otho. One battle stands between you and ultimate victory.


Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Toothsome Rim Zomoo --- ---
The First Watch Jiangshi --- ---
Grip of Doom Titus --- ---
Treacherous Walkway Knightaur Arion ---

Nameless Menace

Jiangshi Arion ---
Sinister Hood Titus Jor ---
Lodge of the Fang Knightaur Giraffin Drakos*
Shadow Bulwark Arion Grilla ---
Basalt Atrium Giraffin Edgehog ---
The Throne Room Horus --- ---

Quests Edit

Main article: Ophiuchus Quests
Title Rewards Area Type Client
Otho's Red Carpet Starseed x2 Grip of Doom Moga Battle Otho
Master of Ophiuchus Starseed x3 N/A Mastery Real Rick
Meat Sack Starseed x2 Treacherous Walkway Moga Battle Davey
An Unpaid Debt Starseed x2 Nameless Menace Tamer Battle Highhorse
A Real Pal Blue Coffee x2 Sinister Hood Moga Battle Real Rick
A Friendly Face Starseed x2 Lodge of the Fang Moga Battle Nora
Tegendary Lamer Starseed x2 Shadow Bulwark Tamer Battle Probus
Otho's Greatest Champion Starseed x2 Basalt Atrium Tamer Battle Seagoat
Final Countdown Starseed x2 The Throne Room Tamer Battle Otho
Capture Drakos Starseed x2 Lodge of the Fang Capture Nora


Name Quests

Otho's Red Carpet

Final Countdown

Real Rick

Master of Ophiuchus

A Real Pal

Davey Meat Sack
Highhorse An Unpaid Debt

A Friendly Face

Capture Drakos

Probus Tegendary Lamer
Seagoat Otho's Greatest Champion