Most of the 'monsters' in the game are actually just some sort of mutated or combined animal. Check out our moga section of this wiki.   *Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store by clicking the “Play Now” link at the top of this page.

  • When you first start you’ll have to choose 
  • between a male and female avatar to represent you in the game, as well as select your very first moga. Moga’s are animals that you can collect, train, and battle in the game.


Zodiac IslandsEdit

There is a total of 14 islands to explore and master on your journey to end the tyranny of King Otho.

Island Mogas Stars Quests
Mainland 10 24 11
Aries 10 27 11
Taurus 10 27 9
Gemini 10 27 8
Cancer 9 27 8
Leo 9 33 6
Virgo 9 27 7
Libra 10 33 8
Scorpio 10 24 6
Sagittarius 9 24 7
Capricorn 10 30 8
Aquarius 10 30 8
Pisces 10 30 9
Ophiuchus 11 30 10

Crystal RiftEdit

On the iPad version of Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands, Crystal Rift is an additional island, separate from the main story of the game. It offers tamers the opportunity to tame rarer Mogas that are ordinarily not found in the game. It becomes accessible only after you have cleared Aries Island.

Island Mogas Stars Quests
Crystal Rift 24 3 1


Storyline QuestsEdit

Mainland Quests

Aries Quests

Taurus Quests

Gemini Quests

Cancer Quests

Leo Quests

Virgo Quests

Libra Quests

Scorpio Quests

Sagittarius Quests

Capricorn Quests

Aquarius Quests

Pisces Quests

Ophiuchus Quests

Additional QuestsEdit

Crystal Rift Quests

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