Minotaur is a character you meet at the Ancient Cherry Blossom Tree on Taurus Island. He is the beast that Hungry Bill mentions as you first arrive. He rules the island by intimidating visitors and eating people, which typically scares them away from exploring the island further. Despite his powerful appearance, Minotaur is actually a Moga and can be captured at the Minotaur's Lair once you master Taurus Island. 

Minotaur finds happiness in eating people and apparently has no other hobbies. After defeating him in a couple tamer battles, you suggest that he should stop doing so. He expresses that he feels lonely when he is not eating people, but when you recommend having a friendship with Hungry Bill, he seems to feel better and thanks you for your advice.


Title Rewards Area Type
Cherry Tree Showdown Starseed x2 Ancient Cherry Tree Tamer Battle
Master of Taurus Starseed x3 --- Mastery
Boss Fight: Taurus Starseed x3 Minotaur's Lair Tamer Battle
Capture Minotaur Blue Coffee x2 Minotaur's Lair Capture


"Hello, human! Now I eat you!"

"Only a Master of Taurus can tame me!"

"Now you are in my house, where I am always the best!"

"Eating people was the only thing that made me happy. Now I have no happiness! I am so lonely."

"Oh great, I guess I have to get in the ball. Please let me out to fight a lot! And use the bathroom!"