The Mainland is the starting zone of the game and also where you and your parents live. One day, you discover that you are able to tame Mogas, which was thought only to be possible for soldiers of King Otho's army. Your parents, amazed, decide to take you on a journey throughout the Mainland to the outpost of King Otho to show them your newfound talent and possibly join the army. Unfortunately, once you arrive, a snobby soldier named Probus blocks your way and, surprised that you can tame Mogas, tries to take them away from you, claiming that only soldiers like him are allowed to tame. Once you defeat him, he attempts to arrest you, forcing you to flee to Aries Island.

There are 10 Mogas to capture, 11 quests to complete and 24 stars to collect. The level cap is 7(?).


Area Energy Description
The Family Farm 5 Your parents carved this farm out of the wilderness, but since King Otho took the crown, things have gone downhill.
Poets' Vale 5 Dangerous beasts lurk in this area and ambush travelers on the road.
Corkscrew Gulch 5 The tall coast mountains block the view of the Zodiac Islands, but you can feel their magical energy in the wind.
Pioneer Ridge 5 A small farming community like your home, this community has struggled to fend off the wild Mogas. Capturing some would really help them!
Poughkeepsie Pass 5 This stretch of road is feared by travelers because of the vulnerability to Moga attacks.
Woodland Path 5 Groups of Mogas gather here to block travelers and steal their delicious snacks.
Upper Cascades 5 These rocks used to be a fun place to go climbing, but now the hills are full of Mogas that will chew through your ropes.
King Otho's Outpost 10 The local stronghold of King Otho where farmers must deliver their crops.


Note: The table below lists only catchable Mogas for each area.

Area Energy Moga 1 Moga 2
The Family Farm 5 Tabby N/A
Poet's Vale 5 Lobo Gin*
Corkscrew Gulch 5 Coanon N/A
Pioneer Ridge 5 Leviathan Mimosa
Poughkeepsie Pass 5 Mimple N/A
Woodland Path 5 Monkeyking Mimosa
Upper Cascades 5 Trufflefant N/A
King Otho's Outpost 10 Brolo N/A

* Appears once you complete "Master of the Mainland" quest and start "Capture Gin" quest


Title Rewards Area Type Client
Beat Tabby Blue Coffee x1 The Family Farm Moga Battle Parents
Capture Lobo Blue Coffee x1 Poet's Vale Capture Parents
Defend the Farmers! Starseed x1 Corkscrew Gulch Moga Battle Parents
Capture Leviathan Starseed x2 Pioneer Ridge Capture Parents
Capture Monkeyking Starseed x2 Woodland Path Capture Parents
Clear the Road Starseed x1 Poughkeepsie Pass Moga Battle Parents
Visit the Outpost Starseed x2 Upper Cascades Moga Battle Parents
Master of the Mainland Blue Coffee x1 N/A Mastery Parents
Probus's Challenge Starseed x2 King Otho's Outpost Tamer Battle Probus
Flee to Aries Island Starseed x2 Parents
Capture Gin Starseed x2 Poet's Vale Capture Parents