Hungry Bill is the first character you meet on Taurus Island.


Beetle JuiceEdit

Go clear out those Mogas at Jigsaw Field and get me some delicious beetles. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Find the MinotaurEdit

Head towards the Plateau Verde to confront the minotaur. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Like Water for BillEdit

Clear out the varmits around Barren Inlets so I can wet my whistle wouldja? Rewards : Star Seed x 3


What're you doing out in the open, kid? The minotaur can smell you a mile away. Here, rub some mud on yourself. You can borrow some of mine, but I want it back when you're done! The minotaur that runs this place. Don't you know you're King Otho's prison island? Where he sends his enemies to die of minotaur -eating? Well you sure made a dumb decision coming here! Everyone who comes to Taurus Island winds up dead. Everyone but Hungry Bill, that is! Tell you what: go up Jigsaw Field and get me some fresh beetles, and maybe I'll help you.