High horse is the first person you meet on Libra Island.


If your getting on this island without a passport from beloved King Otho, you're going to have to go through me! Rewards: Star Seed x 3

The Fallen JudgeEdit

See the judge, Libra's once only king , now reduced to a shell of a man, at This Old Igloo! Rewards : Star Seed x 3

Passport to dangerEdit

So, get on with it--go on up to Lawman's Bridge and get killed by Otho. Rewards: Star Seed x 3


Greetings, and welcome to Libra Island. Are you here to see the judge? Wonderful! May I see your imperial passport? It's very important that we validate your visit. What! A breach of protocol? UNFORGIVEABLE!

With you dead, I'll never be able to sign your passport. Truly, it is a thought that will haunt me forever.