Gemini Island is the third island to explore on your journey toward Ophiuchus. It was ruled by the two twin sister queens, Ceci and Poli, until Otho took the throne and locked Poli within the Black Tower. The island features the White Tower on the far west of the island, the Black Tower on the far east, and a symmetrical Mirror City in between the two. Wyrm is Gemini Island's most prized Moga. The level cap on Gemini Island is 13.


Area Energy Description
Twin's Launch 15 Welcome to Gemini Island, where good things come in twos. But so do bad things...
White Tower 15 Home to one of Gemini Island's twin queens, the White Tower is designed as a mirror image of the Black Tower.
Drifting Field 30 This floating island shard has unusually rich soil, making it a popular place to grow crops and dig for earthworms.
Watchman's Post 15 Otho requires that no one passes through without his permission, and this tower allows the queens to spot any troublemakers and take them out.
Mirror City 15 In honor of their beloved queens, the constitution of Mirror City requires that all houses be duplexes.
Parallel Point 15 This area is supposed to be symmetrical to Watchman's Post, but due to budget problems they couldn't finish construction.
High Cotton 25 Some Geminis speculate they have walked a thousand miles chopping cotton in these fields.
Lonely Floater 25 Geminis use this verdant area mosly for picnicking, which is silly since the whole place smells terrible.
Black Tower 30 This tower was once a happy place, but since Otho took the throne it has remained locked and guarded by his soldiers.


Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3 Moga 4
Twin's Launch Colibri --- --- ---
White Tower Bloody Mary --- --- ---
Drifting Field Turtlenie --- --- ---
Watchman's Post Colibri Umbranine --- ---
Mirror City Turtlenie Corgito --- ---
Parallel Point Spwinder --- --- ---
High Cotton Corgito Babana --- ---
Lonely Floater Forevalone Umbranine --- ---
Black Tower Spwinder Forevalone Sauridon Wyrm*


Title Rewards Area Type Client
Ceci's Smackdown Starseed x1 White Tower Tamer Battle Ceci
Undiscovered Country Starseed x1 Lonely Floater Moga Battle Real Rick
Punchy Poli Starseed x2 Mirror City Tamer Battle Ceci
Master of Gemini Starseed x3 N/A Mastery Poli
Field Day Starseed x1 Drifting Field Moga Battle Ceci
Free Poli Starseed x1 Black Tower Tamer Battle Probus
Protection for Gemini Starseed x2 Shady Camp (Cancer Island) Capture Poli
Capture Wyrm Blue Coffee x2 Black Tower Capture Poli


Name Quests

Ceci's Smackdown

Punchy Poli

Field Day

Real Rick Undiscovered Country

Master of Gemini

Protection for Gemini

Capture Wyrm

Probus Free Poli