Davey is the first character you meet on Scorpio Island. He looks exactly like Robson.


Tricky DaveyEdit

How about you go stick your head up at squishy lagoon and then tell me how dumb I'm not, rewards: Star Seed x 2

Another Hole For DaveyEdit

Go check out the hole at Hopfrog Lake. It's a can't miss! Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Master Of ScorpioEdit

Get 24 stars and you can be the master... Or something? Rewards: Star Seed x 3

Slug WeekEdit

Beat four Nomys at Tadpole's Delite and you can enjoy the bounty of Slug Week. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 2

Boss Fight: Scorpio IslandEdit

Go beat the killer kangaroo at Deadman's Falls. Or not, it really isn't my bussness. Rewards: Star Seed x 3

Capture BoomerEdit

You can capture Boomer at Insect River World. Rewards: Star Seed x 2


Hi I'm Davey. Go away .

No, I'm actually really dumb. No, I'm super Dooper dumb.

How about you go stick your head in the hole up at squaishy lagoon and then tell me how dumb I not.

Did you know that if you eat 24 sandwitches you can become a master of sandwitches?

No more! From this day onwards I will continue to do dumb stuff, no matter if it pleases Otho or not!

Actually, Welcome here. No, Go away.

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