Message from MorrisEdit


Task: Capture Heartbreaker at The Crystal Rift.

Rewards: Blue Coffee x2


Message from Morris 1

Morris: Halt your roll, bud! No entry beyond this point!

Player: What is this place?

Morris: This is the Crystal Rift. It's closed to the public due to all the strange happenings and mortal danger.

Player: Mortal danger? What are you talking about?

Morris: Some kinda dimensional warp zone popped open. Now all kinds of weird Mogas from the Exile Dimension are coming through and busting the place up.

Player: I may be able to help. I'm a Moga tamer.

Morris: Well, that's technically illegal, since you're not a member of Otho's army. But, heck, if you can beat these suckers I'll look the other way.

There are some super powerful Mogas that only show up for a few hours before they fizzle back into the rift.

Message from Morris Info

Tell ya what: I'll send you messages when they appear-- if you come quick, you might be able to tame 'em. 

Player: Got it!

Morris: In fact, I just spotted a real weird one a few minutes ago. You should get out there and capture it!

Tame the rare Moga in the Crystal Rift.

[complete task]

Morris: Wow, nice going, bud! Look out for more messages from me-- I'll let you know if I see something weird.