Ceci is the first character you meet on Gemini island.


Ceci's SmackdownEdit

You're going to have to get pass me at White Tower if you want to travel across Gemini Island. Rewards : Star Seed x 1

Punchy PolyEdit

Ready for a challenge? Then meet me at Mirror City. Rewards : Star Seed x 2

Field DayEdit

Clear out the wild Mogas that have infested Drifting Field. Rewards : Star Seed x 2

Capture WyrmEdit

In the olden days they lived in the Black Tower. That's a good place to start looking.


Another Tamer? But we just paid King Otho his tribute! We have no more to give! Wait a second, you aren't wearing the uniform of Otho's Army. Are you some kind of rebel? A traitor! You must not be allowed in our city. Get ready to face the wrath of our thrusty guardians!

It's just a clever trick I made up.

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