Broomstar is the first character you meet on Aries Island. Your parents said that there was somebody on Aries island that could teach you, and he is the one.

Quests GivenEdit

The Perfect PebbleEdit

Defeat the Mogas at Ruined Temple to find me a smooth pebble. Reward: Star Seed x 3

An Even Better PebbleEdit

I require another pebble, this time from Fiery Pines. Win a battle there to satisfy my pebbledust. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Find Real RickEdit

Head toward Thieves' Hideaway to find Real Rick. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

The Sweetest PebbleEdit

Search Little Pointy for a wondrous pebble the likes of which no man has tasted. Rewards: Star Seed x 2

Oaty JusticeEdit

Capture the Gorg at the Dirt Palace that has been stealing my oats. Rewards: Blue Coffee x 1

Senceless ViolenceEdit

Slay the five Edgars at Dirt Palace. Why? Do not ask why! Rewards: Star Seed x 2


  • Ah. I have long ex[ected your arrival. Come closer, my child.
  • I believe it is me you seek. Yu have much to learn, and I have many tasks for you... many tasks.
  • There is a great paril ahead. You must travel forth to the field of rubble, defeat whatever you may face, and bring me back... a pebble.
  • One pebble. A very small pebble. A smooth one.
  • Ah. I have watched your progress closely, and I sense that you now carry a pebble. Give this pebble to me.
  • I wouldn't know anything about that. I'm just a crazy old hermit who eats rocks and sends on you pointless errands.
  • But I have met a man at the abandoned outpost to the East... I believe he has the power to tame Mogas. He is known as Real Rick.
  • He stopped speaking to me, for obvious reasons. Go, my child, and seek him out at Thieves' Hideway.