Aquarius is the twelfth island you visit on your journey to free the zodiac from Otho's bondage. It is shrouded by swirling clouds formed from wind and has rainbows towering overhead. A massive birdcage is placed near the middle of the island, in which Ganymede resides. The entire island of Aquarius seems to contain a mystical, familiar energy.


Area Energy Description
Prismatic Point 15 Rainbows usually mean good things are coming soon, but not on Aquarius Island.
Rainbow's End 15 There's no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow but there are Mogas that are just as shiny!
Cloudburst 15 As you approach the spiraling mass that is Aquarius Island, heavy clouds roll in and obscure your sight.
Locked Aviary 15 The door to the Aviary appears to be locked. Maybe the guy who lives here is taking a shower or something?
Orbswirl Rim 15 At the edge of the island's inner sphere you can feel the magical energy all around you. It smells like fresh-baked cookies.
Feathered Orbit 15 Eldritch winds of mystical energy blow all around you, tussling your hair like an affectionate uncle.
Orbswirl Break 15 Here you can stand with one foot on Aquarius Island and one foot suspended over a deadly abyss.
Falconer's Call 25 Aquarius Island's outer areas have some wild Mogas that prefer to live further from human habitation.
Hawkschain 15 The Hawkschain is the ancestral home of the guardian of Aquarius; once a palace, it's now more like a prison.
Cumulus Cut-off 30 Get a good running start and you can jump all the way to Pisces Island from here!

Mogas Edit

Catchable Mogas Edit

Area Moga 1 Moga 2 Moga 3
Prismatic Point Eefree --- ---
Rainbow's End Booly --- ---
Cloudburst Meh --- ---
Locked Aviary Eefree Pinto Noir ---
Orbswirl Rim Booly Marcuu ---
Feathered Orbit Meh Birdrodent Cactoo*
Orbswirl Break Pinto Noir --- ---
Falconer's Call Marcuu Melodee ---
Hawkschain Cervalin Gin ---
Cumulus Cut-off Birdrodent Mushashi Unitaur


Title Rewards Area Type Client
Enter the Cloudburst Starseed x2 Cloudburst Moga Battle Otho
The Locked Aviary Starseed x2 Locked Aviary Tamer Battle Ganymede
For the Birds Starseed x2 Orbswirl Rim Moga Battle Ganymede
Falconer's Ultimatum Blue Coffee x2 Orbswirl Break Tamer Battle Ganymede
Master of Aquarius Starseed x3 --- Mastery Ganymede
Boss Fight: Aquarius Island Starseed x3 Cumulus Cut-off Tamer Battle Probus
Stray Starseeds Starseed x2 Falconer's Call Moga Battle Ganymede
Capture Cactoo Starseed x2 Locked Aviary Capture Ganymede